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Membership Benefits


By participating and sharing your opinions in our paid medical research studies, you can play a part in helping to improve the medical industry for peers, patients, healthcare systems, and companies and identify better ways to diagnose, treat, serve, and share.

As a healthcare professional, we greatly value your experience and insight and offer honoraria payments for providing your opinions. Depending upon the specific details of the research (whether online survey, focus group or speaking engagement), payments generally range from $20 to $1,000 per study. The Medical Panel provides upfront information about each research project – the honoraria, length of time, subject matter – before you’re asked to participate so you can decide whether to engage.

We know you are very busy and because we greatly respect your time, we always offer compensation for your participation in a study. You can track your survey and rewards/honoraria history via your personal password-protected member dashboard.

We are a collaborative medical community and we always welcome feedback from our members. If you have a great research idea, bring your thoughts to us and let us help you find the answer from your medical peers. We’ll share the results with our community so everyone benefits.

You can make a difference! We are committed to making The Medical Panel a valuable, reliable resource for you and an influential tool for advancing healthcare. Please consider becoming a medical research participant today.


Our members-only Resource Tool provides access to an online network of medical professionals that allows you to confer with colleagues about your toughest cases, anonymously share professional dilemmas, and engage in conversations about the most thought-provoking questions that medical practitioners encounter today. Stay tuned for more exciting developments that will allow real-time consultations with colleagues, access to valuable clinical data and other resources that will make The Medical Panel experience even more powerful!


The Medical Panel is not just a place to earn honoraria for taking surveys, although all our surveys are well paid, up to 25% more than other medical research panels. The Medical Panel is a comprehensive professional resource, working closely with a wide variety of professional organizations to give you access to the most current medical news, discoveries, publications, professional events, and opportunities. As a community member, you can connect with colleagues and network with professionals in all fields of medicine across the US, Canada, and eventually worldwide. Furthermore and most importantly, in the very near future, we’ll allow you to connect with colleagues to help diagnose the most difficult patient cases. Another great benefit is that we will provide you one free patient satisfaction survey per year, with confidential results provided at no cost. You can use this data however you wish: not only to guide your practice, but for PR purposes as desired. You may also conduct surveys throughout the year on any topic desired with your patients and have the opportunity to provide input into monthly or quarterly surveys conducted with peers and/or patients at large. We also feature medical leaders in blogs and other commentary and invite your participation. Please bookmark the Resources page and use it as your one-stop dashboard for staying up-to-date with the latest happenings in your medical world. We also offer access and discounts to professional organizations, trade journals, news-feeds, peer commentary, and other services. Our goal is to work with you to establish the most leading-edge and influential group of medical professionals on the planet. Please join us to make it happen!